Hermione Georgia Bressloff

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This months competition winner was selection from New Designers 2019. We love Hermione's (known as Marni Woolf Knitwear) graduate collection of unique, quirky fashion garments for womenswear. The combination of her soft colour palette combined with interesting textures and pattern has resulted in a truely striking collection.Hermione Georgia Bressloff has recently graduated from Winchester School of Art having studied Fashion and Textile Design, specialising in Knitwear for Fashion. Throughout her degree, Hermione was handpicked to showcase her work at New Designers 2019. She interned with two designers in Shanghai, Eva De Laat for Santoni factory and knitwear architect, Steven Oo.  She won the Spinexpo competition for successful 3D printed and knitted trainers and samples. She attended and exhibited at the Shanghai and Paris shows. Hermione has also had samples elected for Premiere Vision, Pitti Filati and numerous Spinexpo shows.

Instagram: @hermioneb_ftd

Etsy: HermioneBressloff

LinkedIn: Hermione Esmé Bressloff

July's Designer of the Month: Throughout Hermione's three years at Winchester School of Art, she has developed a vast knowledge of the knitwear world. As a knitwear designer, she is incredibly interested in both the fabrics and the design process of garments and products. Her main focuses are driven by nature, and societal issues surrounding it, i.e. mass consumption and the effects of the fashion industry on the environment. She would consider herself a conscious designer in terms of the waste produced, and she tends to be as sustainable as possible. Hermione particularly enjoys designing modern garments, that are trend driven.

Favourite textile technique: As a qualified knitwear designer, my favourite technique is working on the dubied knitting machines. Dubieds are industrial knitting machines which create two layered knitted fabrics, used in industry. Beginning with experimentational samples, I develop these into textured and structured garments. I particularly enjoys using monofilament and lycra within my knitted samples and garments, since the effects can be completely unexpected and varied! Manipulating knitted fabrics is also something that I like to explore; printing on the top, embroidering in to, heat transfer dyeing or adding in alternative materials, i.e. boning. There are endless experimentational and developmental techniques that can be created on the dubied machines which is why I particularly love this style of knitting.

Favourite Designers: I am constantly inspired by the work of Iris Van Herpen. Her 3D, conceptual garments have always influenced my practice in terms of creating sculptural pieces with a modern touch, i.e. using 3D printing. Stella McCartney is another designer who consistently informs my work, amplifying sustainability within fashion.

Dream Job: In the future, I envisages myself working within the fashion industry, either as a designer or stylist. I can imagine initially working as a stylist, visual merchandiser or trend reporter, as I have thoroughly enjoyed the digital aspect of my degree, which could then develop into launching my own brand. I have also studied 'The Art of Marketing and Branding' for two years enabling me to develop an understanding of how the industry works, its demands and what it entails. My brand name would be Marni Woolf for which I would design and produce knitted garments and accessories, including luxury ready-to-wear womenswear for a clientele from youth through to middle age.