Jasmine Lynch

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May's Designer of the month: Jasmine Lynch studied Fashion & Textile Design at Winchester School of Art, specialising in knitwear.  

Instagram: @jasminerosaknitwear

Artsthread: ClowningAround

About Jasmine Lynch: Jasmine's work is bold and playful, showcasing her personality through quirky fashion illustrations and accentuated features. She enjoys experimenting with colour and texture to create really unique knitwear pieces. Jasmine's design process stems from the textiles she creates, once she can see how they behave and how they move this dictates how she chooses to use them. Mostly working on the stand and letting the fabrics do their own thing, she creates vibrant - slightly unconvential - one off pieces. Jasmine's recent collections have been inspired by clowns, Leigh Bowery and fancy dress and she also always looks at nature, sculpture, artists and photographers for inspiration.  

Favourite textile technique: I love to print onto knitwear and embroider into it; I feel this is such a simple yet effective technique. I also love to explore elastic within knitwear and dubied techniques and the hold technique on a domestic machine as this helps to create the most textural fabrics.

Inspirational Designers: I take aspects from so many different designers but a few of my favourites are Katie Jones, Gucci and Ashish.

Dream job: I would love to have my own label one day, all aspects of the design process excite me from research and sketch-booking to sampling and creating final outcomes so I would love a job which allowed me to do all of this.