Scorched Earth

Aarushi Mittal

Scorched Earth

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India has become the most polluted country on earth.  Coming from city 'Panipat' near to New Delhi, two of the major air pollution causing sectors is the agricultural sector's act of burning agro-waste and textile recycling sector, releasing microplastic in the air.

'Parali' is stubble waste which is generated after harvesting of the rice crop. As it has no use and to prepare the land for the next crop the farmers use the fastest and cheapest to clear the land, is by burning it. My ongoing research for MA is to "How to introduce agricultural waste- Straws in the market through textiles? including Creating compostable textiles that annihilate the textile recycling processes."  

I am inspired by the beauty of rice landscapes along with the act of burning, creating textiles using Paralli and organic cotton which can be which can last long under good care and can also decomposed within 1-6 months under favorable conditions.

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