Uped - clothing maintenece and upcycling service

Agne Jonynaite

Uped - clothing maintenece and upcycling service

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Don't throw away - Upcycle

An open source creative fashion upcycling service on a mission to make sustainable fashion a pragmatic choice to everyone. Uped service work with garments that customers have not worn for years, and use overprinting, dyeing, stiching, visible mending and alterations to make it fresh and original again. Whether someone is interested in learning a new mending skill by following step by step guide or want to attend our workshops and give their clothes a second life or just want to try something new and get their garment restyled using Uped services it all can be easily done. Services are tailored to every customer and their specific taste or needs, in fact anyone placing order can be involved in design process as much as they like. When order is placed customer is invited to fill up our custom order form or just send an email. Even old clothes can get a second chance in life.

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