Sleepless Nights

Alexandra Wilcox

Sleepless Nights

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My Final Major Project is based on 'Sleep'. As a long time sufferer of chronic insomnia, my idea was formed on the concept of exploring different routes of natural remedies and researching how they are meant to help ease or alleviate sleep disorders. Through this project I have tried to find a type of 'cure' or 'antidote' to the wakefulness for those who wear my designs and to myself. I created a selection of fabrics from a concept that makes 50% of the world's population suffer, thereby turning something terrible into something beautiful and tactile.All my samples include either acts of relaxation or illustrations of some of the natural remedies I researched.

After receiving an overwhelming amount of replies on an online survey I created based on the subject, one thing that really stood out to me was how many people had established a creative routine before going to bed to try to relax. Things such as painting and hand embroidery. I decided to try these out myself and learnt that hand beading before going to bed really soothed me. I then took these 'acts of relaxation' and developed them into designs.

During this project I have explored my specialism within textiles; CAD embroidery and hand beading, digital print and dye.

I have enjoyed using the results from the survey to help guide me through this unit by answering questions such as 'What colours do you associate with sleep' which helped me determine my colour palette, to create a body of work that I feel answers all the questions I had at the start of this venture.

The outcome of these designs have been created to be high end, luxurious loungewear for women aged 20 and above. It would be sold in stores such as Liberty London and Olivia Von Halle. My Final designs have a mixture of both 'off-the-shelf' and 'bespoke' items. All my fabrics are 100% silk double satin to ensure a feel of luxury.

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