Sounded by Nostalgia

Alice Milivoyevich

Sounded by Nostalgia

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This project is visually inspired by Synesthesia, which is a condition in which one sense is simultaneously perceived by another. For this project, sounds were explored visually, perceived by colour and texture. Listening to nostalgic noises from childhood, textures, shapes and colours have been extracted from sound recordings made at specific locations to generate artworks and woven designs.

Initial artworks were carried out in monochrome. While listening to sound recordings, shapes, textures and linear elements were recorded from the sound. Colour from sound location photographs were introduced to the drawings using Adobe Photoshop. Watercolour studies and collage have been used to explore the fluid nature of sound and to develop CAD work, for further translation into woven fabrics.

Yarns used in a mix of 2/2/32 worsted Merino and 2NM mohair bouclé replicate the fluidity of sound and the flow of colour in the watercolour studies. In a brushed finish in selective areas of the woven fabrics, sense of movement has been explored. On the loom, a variety of different weave structures such as twills, herringbones, warp and weft sateens and extra weft figuring will be used to replicate the colours, textures and shapes in the collage studies. Three key colour moods will be developed to offer variety and alternatives in the collections.

Sounded by Nostalgia is a range of decorative wool and mohair blankets, where rhythms of sound and flowing colour merge through the use of vivid colour and pattern. Following the latest market trend for "Maximalism", the collection is aimed at the discerning consumer whose home surroundings reflect their personality and art interests. A small co-ordinating collection of upholstery fabrics will be produced to complement the woven interior accessories.

Competitors in this area of the interior accessory market include Wallace Sewell, Margo Selby and Studio Roam, while BeatWoven's use of sound recordings of tempo and beat create woven patterns in their furnishing fabrics resonates with my visual sound inspiration.

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