Feminine Trance

Amy Downham

Feminine Trance

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A romantic, passionate and dreamy project inspired by organic florals and impressionist oil paintings. Creating delicate and feminine lingerie and nightwear. The sheer and calming tones created are inspired by beautifully sweet florals found in a secret garden, whilst incorporating rich and romantic colours that empower the wearer. To create an innocent and playful collection of embroideries that express the mood of feminine beauty.

Dainty flowers and watercolour from my designs are intended for a delicate and feminine lingerie and nightwear Spring/Summer Collection. The mood of the project is to capture the feeling of love and romanticism, through luxurious materials and a dreamy colour palette. It should feel like you're stuck within the beauty of an impressionist oil painting.

A strong focus of my textiles is to create garments that are made to last and have emotional durability so the products are more sentimental to the consumer. My project aims to reduce material wastage by using donated off cuts from other companies, and to create a visually beautiful collection whilst keeping a minimalist impact on the environment.

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