'Peek-a-boo' & 'Poison Garden'

Amy Greenfield

'Peek-a-boo' & 'Poison Garden'

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Two collections both following horror trends stylised for different markets.

‘Peek-a-boo’ is putting a fun twist on a Halloween theme without making aimed at one day a year. Imagery aimed at children with humour adults can also enjoy by creating fun prints of a friendship duo of Gus the Ghost and Sheldon the Skeleton going about their daily lives outside of Halloween night.  

‘Peek-a-boo’ Textural conversational prints bring a Halloween theme to the everyday. Bright white contrasts against the colours of the scene to draw focus to the characters going about their everyday lives away from being scary on the 31st October. Large crayon marks replicate child-like illustration methods to imitate a child’s drawing to create a playful bond between character and child.

What do ghosts and monsters get up to the other 364 days of the year?

‘Poison Garden’ is exploring how a horror trend can be brought into women’s fashion through the use of monochromatic colour and detailed drawings creating a luxurious print. Creatures of fear have been incorporated into poisonous foliage to explore that not everything beautiful is as what it seems.

‘Poison Garden’ Darkest fears are hidden deep between painterly poisonous foliage. A monochromatic blue palette creates a feeling of depth mimicking a dark night under the moonlight with visible brush strokes adding to the texture.Camouflaging creatures within the depths of the shadows. Pale blue creates highlights from the moonlight as it breaks through the dense array of plants, shining down on what horrors lurk through the night.

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