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For my Final Major Project, I have chosen to focus on the large amount of textile waste that is produced within the fashion and textile industry. I have always been cautious of the environmental impacts which the fashion and textile industry creates therefore for my final project, it has been really important to me that I create a collection which is visually stimulating whilst being environmentally conscious which will hopefully inspire other creatives to do the same.

The main focus of my collection has been to create as little impact on the environment as I can without jeopardising my vibrant colour palette and the quality of my fabrics and garments. There are many different avenues which can be taken to achieve minimal impact on the environment but I naturally drifted towards the ZERO WASTE approach and upcycling old fabrics.

One of the biggest factors which contribute to the growing impact on the environment is the amount of textile waste which is put into landfill, especially from the overconsumption of fast fashion and the rise of "throwaway fashion" as a result. I felt it was in my own power to make sure I work with techniques which reduce textile waste, therefore, reducing the amount of cutting room waste which will contribute to the growth of landfills.

Along with sportswear and loungewear influence's, I have taken visual inspiration from urban architectural research and street art which helped to create the geometric shapes and activist wording which I have included throughout my collection. The visual inspiration I captured from Camden Market's streets helped to inspire the geometric shapes and textures in my fabrics which were easily interpreted in my Shima and Dubied fabrics. The street art inspired me to use activism wording to raise awareness towards the fact I have used ZERO WASTE techniques and that it is now time to "TAKE ACTION" throughout all of the fashion and textile industries because after all there is NO PLANET B!

My fabrics have been made using natural fibres such as cashwool, merino wool and viscose as well as recycled plastic bottle and recycled cotton yarns. These yarns have allowed me to capture the vibrancy of my colour palette whilst still achieving a conscious response to sustainability. Similarly, I have upcycled old sportswear which was at the end of its life and repurpose it into my new garments and bags. Alongside this I have also deconstructed old, worn-out trainers which were upcycled using my scrap fabrics.

I have tried my very best to create as little environmental impact as I can throughout my collection and I will continue to do so in my future works. Through showcasing my work, I hope I have inspired other creatives to do the same or at least started thoughts and conversations; after all, action needs to start now before it’s TOO LATE.

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