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[DECON]STRUCTION showcases a focused theme exploring the relationship between colour, scale, shape, and contrasts, through the exploration of the ideas and aesthetics derived from the deconstruction movement in relation to brutalist architecture. The theme of ‘Deconstruction’ has been a source of inspiration for designers since the movement was introduced during the late 1960s by Jacques Derrida – which explores the ideas surrounding the process and results of a project remaining incomplete or constantly in the ‘works.’

The project explores compositions and surface textures, supported with the use of monochromatic colours and exploration of structured forms. Contrasted with a mixture of light and dense materials being manipulated to create innovative tactile components, the collection highlights how hard surfaces can be folded and constructed to become interactive and practical within a fashion context. The exploration of exposed materials and abstract interpretations create patterns that reinforce ideas of colour blocking and simplified linear patterns – using techniques including: Laser Cutting and Etching, UV Printing, CAD Embroidery, Pleating and Digital Distortion. The range of finishes such as mirror, matte and gloss creates impactful textures and reflections echoing the atmosphere of brutalist environments whilst producing a statement collection of samples for the application of womenswear and menswear accessories and outerwear (A/W 21).

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