Seed Fabric: The Eternal Value of an Ephemeral Cloth

Apurva Srihari

Seed Fabric: The Eternal Value of an Ephemeral Cloth

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My project outlines our absolute dependence on both textiles and nature and brings them together to explore new possibilities in the field of textile design. The material redefines the human-nature relationship through embedding a natural element in textiles as a reminder to value things that we use while embracing the changes that it brings. The concept of having seeds in textiles is to encourage the consumers to actively participate and take care of textiles as well as to experience the joy of growing plants. As we are all confined at our homes due to the ongoing pandemic, the need for plants and interaction with nature, in general, has become even more important. One of the most used fibre for the project is wool, as it is biodegradable, sustainable (can be shorn year after year) and a major source of nutrient for plants to grow. I’ve also used linen, a fibre that gets decomposed quickly when added to compost. I'm further exploring where and how seed fabrics can benefit both the consumers and the environment.

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