Restrained Chaos

Ashley Coull

Restrained Chaos

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My design work investigates how pattern can change and shape an interior environment, giving it an identity and a personality that creates a relationship between the space and the people within. Large hotel chains can often be generic and uninspiring, however, there is a trend towards ‘designed’ spaces in smaller boutique hotels that recognises the importance of the interior environment on the customer experience. I have focused on creating surface patterns for commercial spaces that understand the value of design.

Informed by the Arts and Crafts movement and its belief in craftsmanship, my project strives to showcase the handmade marks and shapes from my visual research through the medium of digital print. Drawing and developing design work by hand leaves a trace of the human and their imperfections behind, I aim to retain this when I move into the digital format generating digital designs with character and soul.

My visual inspiration comes from technology, looking at various elements found in a telephone exchange - wires, cables and circuit boards. The mood ‘Restrained Chaos’ was extracted from my photography and went on to inform my choice of colours and research into different pattern structures such as the meander and the grid structure. This was a key point in my project development and from here I was able to explore motifs and structures to generate bold designs that explore the craft of pattern.

My images show a selection from my different collections, that all fall under the theme of Restrained Chaos.

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