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Fashion Unveiled

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Do we know who made our clothes? ‘Fashion Unveiled’ is a collection of digitally printed silk scarves that combines quirky design with raising awareness on the topic of fast fashion. The use of creative, thought-provoking design inspires the viewer to consider where products come from and shop more sustainably.

The collection was inspired by the idea that the fast fashion and textiles industry is conceived and viewed as aesthetic and desirable when really the behind the scenes of the industry can be ugly, destructive and exploitative.

Aimed towards stylish, fashion-conscious women aged 25-55 who enjoy quality products and supporting independent brands, the scarves represent longevity due to the high quality of the silk and finishing of the scarves allowing them to be reworn multiple times. They act as key wardrobe pieces that make a statement while complementing various outfit combinations.

If I was to take this product further I would ensure the consumer has an explanation of the process the silk scarf went through in order to reach them. I would commit to partnering with Fairtrade units and have a business philosophy that puts the human factor first. The material used would be recycled silk / ethical silk. All packaging used would be recyclable and 5-10% of the profits would go to a charity supporting garment workers.

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