Falling Silent

Chloe Benham

Falling Silent

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Falling Silent explores the devastating factors of deforestation, raising awareness with a collection of prints that project beauty, but are hauntingly tainted. Research trips to ‘The Living Rainforest’ and various tropical houses encouraged me to explore small creatures affected by deforestation and climate change. Whilst mixing my painterly drawings of these creatures with satellite images of earth, the natural element of my work has allowed me to create intricate paintings. I have carefully considered the scale and placement to continue the fluidity of my designs onto the body. Using a variety of lightweight silks to imitate the fragility of these animals, I have designed a collection of prints for a high end fashion context. My samples demonstrate a range of techniques such as digital print, laser engraving and fabric dyeing, mixed with layered hand screen prints and processes such as devore and discharge printing.

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