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‘LUCID’ my final knitwear collection began by taking inspiration from the natural growth of crystals and minerals. Researching has taught me how crystals are formed naturally with all elements of colour happening for a reason, this has been the main source of inspiration for my collection.

LUCID is fully sustainable with the use of natural fibres using merino wool and a small amount of recycled acrylic yarns which I have spun myself using recycled threads on a Lilliput machine. Half of my colour palette is created using natural dyes of Turmeric, Beetroot, Avocado and Blackbean.

I create functional woman's wear but always with a creative twist, my eye for colour heightens my work, taking it to a sophisticated place. I create work for driven and ambitious women, to design something to make them feel confident and strong in their everyday life.

Knitwear is my main specialism with print also coming in to play through accessories, everything I make will have little to no waste through the made to measure process of knit, and digitally printing. However any scraps I have made have been kept to be made in to recycled garments. With sustainability at the forefront of everyone’s minds I want to keep this at the core of my work, something which will be extremely important in all my designs now and in the future.

Although I have not been able to finish my collection how I wanted due to Covid-19 I am constantly adapting my work to create a final collection I will be proud of and will represent my final year in University but also the trying time of Covid-19.

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