Alcyoneum Oceanus

Claire Edwards

Alcyoneum Oceanus

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Strikingly beautiful, enchanting and brilliantly coloured majestic corals sparkle beneath the surface in shallow crystal clear turquoise oceans.

Alcyoneum Oceanus explores the relationship between combining unconventional materials such as concrete, resin and recycled plastics with delicate embroidery to create contemporary bespoke embroidered designs for the fashion accessory or interiors art market.

Playful and intricate, 3d embroideries capture the essence of the coral reefs and bring it to life. Pools of resin provide calm contrasts to very busy reefs. The embroideries are often unplanned so that attention is given to contemplate the placement of every stitch, sequin or bead. Being responsive to both colour and shape enables highly detailed and decorative structures that enables a piece to flow. These embroidered pieces are often encased in resin preserving the embroideries for many years to come.

Inspiration for both the materials and subject matter were born from trips to the Caribbean and witnessing first-hand the devastation to our coral reefs through climate change, rising sea temperatures and plastic pollution.

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