Twilight A/W20

Danielle Tonge

Twilight A/W20

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Vibrant pinks, purples, oranges and greens are the main colours used in my collection Twilight. My process is visually driven from my childhood memories of living by the Moray coast and watching the sunsets and aurora borealis. As a child I was always fascinated by the colours in the sky and how the sun made the different colours appear. Growing up in the 90’s, before technology took over, meant many summers down on the beach, collecting shells, finding jellyfish and avoiding seaweed while walking in the sea. By using the textures found on the beach and the colours from the sunset, I have created a girl’s knitwear collection.

My images of the sunsets are then used to abstract colour to create different colour combinations using collage, painting and drawing. From here I can start creating 3D textures on the knitting machines to see what happens when using different materials.

Sustainability is an important part of my process and I use yarns such as merino and lambswool which are high quality, renewable and biodegradable. I also go through a thorough process of making my own yarns on the Lilliput using recycled waste yarns. From mixing all the colours, abstracted from my photos, these yarns are then used to make accessories for my collection.

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