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Unit X

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For the final unit of my University course I have created two final collections. The first project is for an interiors purpose named 'Immersive Jungle' and is a wallpaper collection for the contemporary home, boutique hotels or hospitality services. Inspired by visits to Chester zoo and Manchester Museum, I wanted to create a wallpaper collection where my designs portray the endangered species that places such as Chester Zoo are preserving and protecting. Using my original watercolour drawings, I then scan these in to photoshop where I work digitally to create my designs which are usually for an interiors purpose.

My second project "Abstract Florals" is a contemporary wallpaper and textile interiors collection for the home. Inspired by gardens in Manchester I have created a collection of playful, floral designs for an interiors purpose. Using acrylic paint and large brushes, this has allowed me to capture the texture and shapes found within nature and has meant that I have been able to experiment with unfamiliar materials. I created these designs by using my original drawings and scanning them in to photoshop, where I work digitally to create my designs.

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