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Tip of the Iceberg

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Tip of the Iceberg is a print design collection focussing on various aspects of climate change in relation to our oceans. Highlighting the subsequent impact environmental damage is having on marine-life and animals that depend on the waters, this collection aims to be design focussed yet informative.A mixture of screen-printed samples with digitally illustrated repeats and placements, Tip of the Iceberg is a full collection of 70+ textile designs.

Thorough research allowed many design avenues to be opened up - leading to a varied collection, yet with a narrative thread running throughout.Melting ice, plastic waste, the change in migratory routes, shipping and water pollution, rising temperatures, and how our waterways can be used to generate electricity, are just a few of the subjects explored.

Soviet textiles from the Revolutionary period have been of huge interest whilst designing this collection. Influence was taken from their use of stylised motifs combined into clever repeats, interesting use of colour and line to create tone and shadow, and how the designs were of social importance - often being used to convey a message. These historical designs are reflected into the current-day through this collection – a modern take on this style, conveying a very relevant issue.

Accompanying the full collection is a range of informative swing tags, a group of statistical prints and graphs, and a zine – all designed to be in-keeping with the collection by using graphics and imagery from the textile prints, and information from the research undertaken.

Tip of the Iceberg is a nod to the crucial point which we are at with our environment – we are able to bring it back to a sustainable level, but we are also very close to doing irreversible damage.I hope people view the designs and think about our collective actions, and how they are having a negative impact in ways which we may not have originally thought.

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