Sedimentary Narrative

Emily Higgs

Sedimentary Narrative

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Sedimentary Narrative is a range of woven material concepts and fabrics for ‘homely office’ interior spaces.

This collection centres around the war between Control and Mania during the formation of sedimentary rocks and minerals. While often overlooked by the everyday eye, these forms narrate Earth’s everchanging landscape.

Minerals are created through a delicate balance of immense heat and pressure, and the slightest alteration in either factor can completely alter the resultant mineral form. The whole process is intricately controlled, but has the possibility for unpredictable results. This concept is the inspiration for visual and structural experimentation, in the form of cramming and spacing warps and tension play. Meanwhile, the layers seen in rocks such as Banded Iron Formations inform tonal colour and patterns that evoke the transitional process of these rocks, and the wider Earth itself.

Combining warp and weft floats, material manipulation techniques and contrasting yarn qualities, with considered interjections of colour, the collection showcases understated yet beautifully dramatic fabrics and woven concepts.

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