Seeking Solace In Nature

Emma Rodak

Seeking Solace In Nature

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As we evolved in nature, we have a biological need to connect with it. As we are in a new era of combating mass species extinction and climate change, seeking solace in nature has never been so important. Inspiration is captured from the Japanese tradition Shinrin Yoku, a form of eco-therapy that reconnects humans to nature through the act of forest bathing.

The visual imagery is collected from my favourite childhood place, Swithland Wood where the high-end and sustainable materials within the collection are reflective of the organic imagery.

A combination of valued hand techniques that contrast against contemporary digital techniques are varied throughout the collection. With a focus on delicate embellishment and tactile surface textures, this will in hope create a natural sense of touch and bring joy to the consumer with an intention to re-connect them with nature.

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