Distorted Motion

Emma Shakeshaft

Distorted Motion

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My personal passion for sport has inspired my recent design collections. I use sporting heroes of the now as my trend inspiration. For my collection “Distorted Motion” I used Olympic athletes including Adam Peaty and Max Whitlock. Using British athletes as my trend inspiration, is my way of bringing a new angle to sportswear design and bringing something new to the industry.

The collection “Distorted Motion” focuses on movement within sport, exploring the symmetry in swimming and the freedom of gymnastics.  Initially I researched into the athletes sporting background, social media presence and their sporting achievements. To begin collating visual research, I followed and recorded their movement watching them compete in competitions on television and via YouTube. I then looked at their social media accounts to find other shapes and motifs associated with the athletes as well as considering equipment they use in their sport to incorporate within my designs. I experimented with different materials to create marks and textures and worked digitally to further edit my drawings and create patterns to achieve my desired aesthetic.

I explored ways of enhancing the appearance of the fabric using surface embellishments such as laser cutting and reflective tapes to create a sports luxe aesthetic as well as a visible and performance edge. My aim is to create and explore new concepts within the fashion, sportswear industry.

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