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Based upon our own personal connection with the natural world, Halcyon aims to bring the biophillic essence into the home. In our current society, there are many societal pressures associated with women and motherhood, which impact both their self-identity and mental health as these expectations become and feel unachievable. In elements of calmness, this interior collection will instantly provide escapism for many mothers and their babies, a gateway from their stressful lives to uplift their spirits. The principles of biophillic design, which highlights the positive impact of being close to nature on your mental health as well as emotional durability will be core to this collection. The beautiful outdoors has offered continue inspiration throughout the project as a place to spark new ideas as well as a place to unwind. Predominantly a neutral palette, it will be accentuated with fresh and vibrant pops of colour which are abundant in nature. Visual stimulus is drawn from springtime blooms created with painterly and water-colour effects echoing the botanical feel. This intended mid-market interior collection will have a timeless feel and have an coordinating nightwear range to evoke femininity.

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