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Precious Wastes

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For a few years now, I’ve been really concerned about wastes created out of the fashion and textiles industries. Whether in my BA as a fashion design student, or in my MA as a textile designer, I soon realised that thrash is a lot of the time created because of trends and their changes or old-fashioned aesthetics, and not only because of the (bad) quality of fabrics.

My project aims to upcycle post-consumer wastes (house linen) of high quality from France and the UK, but outdated, to add value to them and extend their life span. I really wish to make people realise the value of fibres and time put in the realisation of a fabric. This project is the solution I found to add a little brick to the big edifice of circular design.

The outcome is a collection of textiles for fashion design, made of second-hand sheets, tablecloth and curtains with added value: mostly print (screen-printing or rubber stamps) and dye (stitch, remade, patchwork, etc.).

I am strongly inspired by my everyday life, whether it’s in the architecture that surrounds me, the textures or the fabrics at the very beginning of my project. I’m trying to put all of this back in my project, in the prints, the colours or the modern aesthetics that contrast with the outdated sheets.

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