Tokyo to Kyoto

Gemma Singleton

Tokyo to Kyoto

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As a printed textile designer, Gemma’s practice involves traditional screen-printing techniques to create fabrics for interior application. Within her final major project collection, she explored the visual benefits of biophilic design with reference to Japanese art and culture. Following a recent journey across Japan, she was influenced by the beauty of ukiyo-e art whilst exploring a contemporary approach towards colour. As the natural world is a fundamental form of inspiration to Gemma, she coupled this with her curiosity for the concept of biophilic design and how visuals of nature can be just as mentally stimulating as the real thing. The collection explores a range of cultural activities such as fish markets alongside florals, landscapes and architecture. She aspires for her compositions to tell a story about Japanese life. Intricate freehand drawings form the basis of the prints which are then translated into unique digital designs. Gemma considers the traditional silk screen printing process extremely rewarding and take pride in the challenge of turning a digital image into a screen-printed length, whilst using multiple screens to incorporate an array of colours.

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