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The trend forecast Power Play, is an energetic future trend forecast for 2021 that explores the relationship between sports aesthetic and the physical movement of fabrics. It aims to improve the future of design, with life becoming so fast paced, people tend to forget about their self-care and well-being.

I’ve taken visual inspiration from sports equipment and captured, through photography, the fresh energetic atmosphere of sports grounds/courts. Examples include the graphic designs of basketball courts and tennis courts as well as sports equipment.

Throughout the trend I have been inspired by key words such as: innovation, pleasure, physically aesthetic, capturing movement, padding, spring, elasticity, stretch and texture. Through yarn and material choices I have explored the contrast between compact stretch fabrics, circular knitted 3D forms and manipulated folds capturing the illusion of movement. Creating movement and inviting ‘play’ and ‘touch’, enhancing a connection between the knitted textile and the consumer.

Power Play aims to boost the empowering positivity in people’s lives, mentally and physically, and minimise consumption through fast fashion. By using high-quality functional fabrics and initiating a positive mood boosting response, consumers will connect more with meaningful clothing choices. The outcome is intended for a sportswear  material response capturing the positive feelings people get from playing sports.

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