Through the eyes of a diver | Colonies under threat

Grace Oliver

Through the eyes of a diver | Colonies under threat

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Through the eyes of a diver | Colonies under threat is a range of fabrics inspired by luxury fashion with embellishment being a strong focus; while looking at alternatives to traditional luxury fashion embellishments. A key message being portrayed within the designs is the ongoing coral bleaching and so this gives the inspiration for the imagery. The message is emphasising the catastrophic effects of man-made pollution; plastic pollution, chemical dumping and general pollution. This in turn causing the temperatures to rise within the ocean, inevitably causing coral to lose their vibrant colours. When this happens, the coral is more vulnerable and can become unhealthy and may die.?When designing, I was inspired by the message to use alternatives to traditional beads and sequins. The fabrics explore different methods of hand craftsmanship to create form and surface texture, while developing relationships and connections between materials to replicate coral reefs. Experimentation with clay, found materials, objects, plastics and manipulation of textile materials are used to form my own coral reefs on a fabric base. While still highlighting the issues which coral reefs are facing, making sure that I'm emphasising the beauty of the complex creatures and living organisms that assemble and connect together to form the distinctive reefs, whether they're bleached or healthy.

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