Celestial Cerulean Collection

Hannah Davies

Celestial Cerulean Collection

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The Celestial Cerulean collection has been inspired by my previous semesters work at university, 'Authentic Azure'. This collection has been inspired by my research into Saint Petersburg Mosque in Russia due to its rich and vibrant colours and intricate tiled pattern surrounding the domes.The collection features 2020 trend colours and shapes inspired by the domes and features of multiple mosques which has led to me creating my own shapes and repeated designs for high end interiors and boutique hotels.

For the collection I have created samples to fit to my brief, such as handwoven samples using the Texel loom, jacquard (digitally) woven samples, printed samples on cotton mix and marbled velvet, as well as making my own hand tufted rug and wall art, as well as various soft furnishing accessories such as cushions and headboard bed samples, including covering a chaise lounge, all to sit with a range of complimenting wallpapers.I worked on designs that fitted together and sat well as a collection, whilst using various shades of blues and teals to create a satisfying clash of pattern for bold and daring interior spaces or as individual statement pieces.

I have enjoyed working with various textures and sectors of textile design, with samples printed, woven and knitted. This has helped me achieve a range of interior products and fabrics for all areas of a room.

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