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Kitsch Deco

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Hannah Dolden explores creating bright, tactile soft furnishings. Kitsch Deco focuses on combining Art Deco architecture with elements of design that can be found in the works of The Memphis Design movement. Hannah uses cotton and elastic yarns to experiment with texture, shape and form within her knitted fabrics.

Hannah’s colour palette has an emphasis on the vivid, bold and joyful. Knits are often times constructed in coral, light pink, bright orange, sunshine and lemon-yellow hues. Influenced by the colour palette of the Memphis designers she brings the clashing, bold colours to a harmonious meeting point by utilising specific knit techniques to tame, emphasize or disrupt the flow of her object’s colour stories.

Hannah has produced a wide range of innovative knitted fabrics for the home. Altering knits both by using varying stitch techniques and by introducing elastic yarns that act unpredictably once removed from the machine. These products can be fully customisable for a customer, ideally these would work well as example pieces which commissions could be based off, allowed the colours to be changed as necessary.

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