Architectural Pattern at the Seaside

Hannah Gilmour

Architectural Pattern at the Seaside

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My Final Major Project at University focusses on the geometric pattern seen within architecture at the seaside, particularly the beach huts on the South East coast of England. Colour, geometry, texture, technique and imaginative style are at the forefront of my design work. I find it important to understand the environment I am taking inspiration from; through my surroundings I find myself questioning what I am seeing and instantly thinking about how this could be interpreted into a pattern design. Therefore, I always begin a new project by taking primary photographs. My inspiration comes from my love for the timeless geometric style paired with bold colours. I often visit places with vibrant inspiration, to spark new ideas to create original textile pieces. My favourite memories from visiting the seaside when I was younger are those exploring the long stretches of colourful beach huts, having a sense of adventure, the striking colours and quirkiness evoking happiness and positivity. I wanted to transfer these feelings into my handmade textile pieces, bringing colour, enjoyment and happiness into the home and the world around us. My designs focussed on the differences of the beach huts, although they are regimented and sit perfectly alongside each-other, each one has its own personality and characteristics, whether that is its colours, the stripes being vertical or horizontal, the door/roof shape, old or new, but mostly how it had been constructed. My final print ideas came from collaging different aspects of each beach hut together, to create an abstract geometric repeat pattern in the popular and classic British seaside colours of red and blue. In my smaller samples I also experimented with bold areas of colour, interpreting smaller areas of the wooden details using the breakdown printing process to create organic textural elements. My designs are created through hand drawn techniques and developed using Photoshop, before hand dyeing my material and using the screen printing process. I think it is important to keep these traditional skills alive within the modern world. I enjoy the risk and the unknown of screen printing, allowing a design to bring variance and diversification to the material below, creating something original, where no two prints will be exactly the same. I visualise my designs being multipurpose, linked to travel. I believe these bright and colourful designs should be used all year round, bringing enjoyment and evoking happiness. My design would be used as a beach towel during the summer months, before being used as a bed throw or a scarf throughout the colder months of the year, so it always serves a purpose.

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