Flora of the Dales

Jenna Hewitt

Flora of the Dales

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This collection began as a project looking at how nature and interiors can work together.Living in the Yorkshire Dales, I have been heavily influenced by the variety of flora and fauna found here. This collection explores the plants and flowers found within the moorlands in the dales, the hay meadows and wildflowers.

Much of the project was about using hand processes, watercolour painting and drawing, to depict the flora of the dales in a way that had a hand-crafted feel and kept some of the connection to nature than working entirely digital would not have. Working with many of my own images to paint a series of motifs and hand-painted repeat patterns, taking colour inspiration directly from the flower and plants themselves. While i wanted to keep my colour palette as similar to the flora i was painting, I also explored some different colour ways.Half of the collection focuses on the moorlands and the other half explores wildflowers, creating a collection that builds on the variety of flora that is a huge part of the landscapes in the Yorkshire Dales.

The outcome of this collection is a set of designs that can be used for a range of interior contexts - wallpapers, upholstery, soft furnishings and accessories. I created my designs with the idea that they could be used across these different contexts - by taking different designs from the entire collection or using the designs that make up smaller sets within the larger one, allowing for a cohesive interior or a mix and match feel.

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