Changing Silhouettes

Jessica Gentleman

Changing Silhouettes

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Fashion has often rejected the natural form of the body in the past through various restrictive garments. These trends change and are altered to adapt to wearers and different lifestyles. Current trends today allow for editing and filtering which can create distorted views of the body. My work focuses on creating sculptural pieces which create volume and highlight the body. Exploring and experimenting with what an alternative silhouette could look like.

Organic forms, twisting and wrapping shapes were visual inspiration. Initial research of designer Fortuny who created pleated silk gowns that would highlight the figure inspired the work to create volume and shape. As well as artist Francis Bacon, whose portraits often unusual and atmospheric depict a distorted figure. This, in turn, informed the colour palette, using bolder colours and proportion within the sampling to emphasise areas.

The sampling progressed in combining different techniques, ribbing and pleating knitted pieces to create structured forms.The outcome is a collection of work which is designed to highlight the body in different contexts. With samples to be adapted and worn in various ways to create different silhouettes.

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