"Walk On the Wild Side"

Jessica Gibson

"Walk On the Wild Side"

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The Title of my Final Major Project is “Walk on the Wild Side”. The concept is reflective of the Tropical Plants and Wild animals that will inspire my Final Collection of Printed Textile designs. The title suggests a walk through a Tropical jungle. I want the observer to connect with my project as though they are embarking on an expedition, where the secrets of the Jungle are revealed through my use of Illustration and composition.

I have gathered my primary imagery from Botanical Gardens and Garden Centres, capturing images of their most unique plants. My photography also guided me to Various wildlife parks and zoos, capturing their Wild Animals, Birds and Insects native to the tropical climates.

I have created my motifs using coloured pencils, paints and digital techniques where I use my skill of Hyper-Realism to create illustrations that stand out in my prints. By using this drawing technique, the eye is drawn to every detail as you observe each element more closely.

I have created this Collection with an intended outcome of Luxury Interiors. This will include digitally printed Wallpapers and Fabrics including Velvet, Silk and Cotton. My designs are statement pieces which are intended to compliment a rooms aesthetics. I have chosen a trend which I believe holds longevity and will still be prominent for years to come.

My brief allows me to explore my interests and create artworks of some of my favourite subjects. I believe that my brief fully reflects me as a designer as it depicts the start of a design journey that I can’t wait to further explore.

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