Decaying romance

June Srinurak

Decaying romance

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My project is a floral collection with a Pre-Raphaelite intention, in particular the 'Ophelia' painting by Millais. I have explored the use of florals and its symbolisms alongside the destruction of Ophelia's character in Hamlet, with the events that took place from her innocence leading to her tragic death. Applying a contemporary approach rather than a traditional, incorporating the use of light and shadow with florals. Moreover, I have also explored the life process of flowers from growth to decay as a metaphor for Ophelia's character. I have translated Ophelia through my use of colour and symbolisms in flowers. For instance, when considering my compositions of how Millais represented the relationship between the flowers and foliage, with Ophelia.

My collection is for Autumn/Winter20, I have incorporated the use of various silks and velvets to contrast the fabric qualities of etherealness and heavy rich velvets, capturing a sense of light and shadow.

In addition, I experimented with various techniques for my visual research in order to establish a unique style and quality for my concept. I combined photographic techniques of cyanotypes and photograms alongside mark making such as etching with my screen and digital prints. This allowed me to broaden my approach to print design by incorporating various forms of printing and challenging my skills set.

My collection is split into four different groups, the first is exploring Ophelia's innocence and femininity, second being the transition group of Ophelia becoming manic after her father's death, thirdly, her own tragic death of drowning and finally, the last group representing life after her death. These groups were designed to intertwine and enable a fluid transition to represent Ophelia's story and create a cohesive collection.

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