Modular Interruption

Katie Payne

Modular Interruption

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‘Modular Interruption’ consists of a series of mini wallpaper collections. Designed to bring pattern and colour to interiors whilst still allowing room for individual creativity; the wallpapers are bold and clashing, with pattern heavy strips that can be mixed and matched. Individual strips in each collection are designed so that upon application they can be cut up and pasted however desired, or ordered in any combination, with elements still matching and working together. There are several mini collections all aimed at different spaces, for example; homes, restaurants or offices. Of course however, there are no rules or instructions - only to create colourful and exciting interiors!

The design process was heavily influenced by tiles and modular design, exploring the way a single tile could be manipulated, rotated or enlarged to create unexpected patterns once in repeat. With a bank of patterns created, it was then the combinations of these and their colours that were explored to create these clashing wallpaper strips. The idea was to develop complex patterns from simple initial drawings all through a series of digital manipulations and experiments. The essential aim was that each strip was unique and that personal creativity could produce endless combinations and clashes!

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