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Honours collection designed for evening wear.

For my Honours, I created a collection about embracing femininity, capturing the elegant and empowering sides of women. Furthermore, I also incorporated my own style & personality into my collection. To do this, the colour palette is made up of my favourite colours and embellishment is added to the fabric samples for sparkles.

The collection consists of the use of layers with a gradient of sheer to opaque fabrics to create layers. First the ground layer printed on silk with the designs printed onto thin/sheer fabrics such as Paris chiffon and organza that are then layered to create voluminous fabrics for garments.

'After women, Flowers are the most divine creations.' - Christian Dior

I created delicate watercolour flowers that I then developed into CAD designs, before getting them digitally printed into fabric. Then all designs were embellished to add sparkle and an added sense of femininity to the designs.

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