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Inspired by New York street art and the structure found in the urban streets of the city, this collection 'CONCRETE JUNGLE' is inspired and heavily influenced by the visual energy and dynamic combinations of form and composition of the streets of the city. These influences have become the springboard for a collection for Spring/Summer 2021 Womenswear.

There is a particular focus throughout the collection on embroidery and fabric manipulation, focusing on heavily three- dimensionally embellished fabrics, with dense stitching to reflect the dynamic visual language of street art.

As a designer inspired by the bold and the graphic, creating a balanced collection of heavily detailed embellishment and soft embroidery is important, giving a collection depth. Being generously sponsored by Madeira for my Final Major Project, allowed me to explore with matte and shine tones throughout the development process. Without the sponsorship I would not have been able to create such a highly detailed collection. So much experimentation went into my collection. From initial design ideas generated from graphic sketchbook work to my final pieces of my collection.

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