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Kira Goddard

Subtle Surface

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Subtle surface is based around textures within man made surfaces, for example drain covers and pavements. This collection is for soft furnishings such as cushions, throws and upholstery. An inspiration for this project has stemmed from a previous commission carried out for a high-profile commercial client. I have now been asked to create designs for soft furnishings, therefore I envision my collection to be for commercial areas such as offices and lounges, or within a home setting as well.

My aim within this project was to extract details from textured surfaces and create simplistic shapes and motifs to work with. My work produces a calm atmosphere where people can feel relaxed.

Due to the covid-19 outbreak I have not been able to finish my final university collection in a textile format, however, I have taken the initiative to use paper collages and yarn wrappings to communicate my ideas and developments from initial samples I had already woven. I thought about what elements I can develop further during the covid-19 lockdown which led to me injecting more colour to my work, inspired by current trends.

Whilst still wanting to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere through my woven outcomes, my aim was to also make people feel happy and content when surrounded by my work. I believe the colour choices within my paper collages and yarn wrappings have been a positive addition to this project and would enhance any interior space they were put into.

Subtle Surface has been a new type of project for me and did not finish the way I expected, however I have thoroughly enjoyed developing my designs in a new and exciting way.

All woven samples are a mix of bourette silk and mercerised cotton. Paper collages were created using gouache paint.

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