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I’ve always had a fascination with fashion and fabrics for as long as I can remember. Having lived in Caithness my whole life and being in such a remote area I’ve experienced the lack of access to clothing stores and textiles. This is what has fuelled my project by creating prints and garments as the foundations for a fashion brand in Caithness.

I’ve designed 5 collections of prints for my Caithness series. Each collection has been named after locations and parts of Caithness that I love: Thurso, Whaligoe, John O’ Groats, Dunnet Beach and Flagstone. Through bold prints with unique marks and shapes I aim for each of these collections to represent the quality and character of Caithness that I adore so much.

I’ve been heavily inspired by layering trends in the catwalk for my context. The likes of Au Jour Le Jour and Unravel show how layering can change a garment’s purpose and appearance entirely. This way of dressing is so much more mindful; In this day and age where there is such a disposable mindset and that you can’t be seen in something more than once. My garments have been designed and styled with this trend in mind.

My work aims stand out from the fast fashion lead high-street with one of a kind and original prints for fashion.

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