Treasures of the sea through print

Leah Utting

Treasures of the sea through print

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Taking inspiration from BBC’s latest series, ‘Seven worlds, One planet’ and my visit to the ‘Fashioned from Nature’ exhibition at the V&A museum, I have looked at habitats that interest me because of my love for nature and traveling. These are aquatic habitats such as ocean jungles, coral reefs and mangroves forests. The idea behind the project is to celebrate some of our planets most diverse eco systems, that are home to so much vibrant life. Celebrating the range of biodiversity found in them in a fun and playful way through printed textiles, for a summer collection. This nautical collection delves deep into a fantastical abstract underwater world inspired by tropical life with a punchy palette of summer brights. A great opportunity for me to explore colour, drawing styles and texture to apply to a multitude of surfaces from childrenswear, to womenswear and interiors.

Having always loved being by the sea, I get a lot of my inspiration for being creative from growing up near the ocean and from wildlife. If I can incorporate two things I’m most passionate about when possible, textiles and travelling/wildlife, it makes it even more exciting. It’s also a way of bringing an important issue like raising awareness of subjects like bleaching of coral reefs etc through the fashion and textiles world which can be a damaging industry. In this unit I have not done this in a literal way like a campaign but more of an abstract celebration of something sentimental to me and an extremely important issue in the world today.

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