Pretty Repulsive

Linzi MacLaren

Pretty Repulsive

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80 billion new pieces of clothing are consumed each year globally. This is 400% more than two decades ago. As new clothing comes into our lives, we discard it at a shocking pace. 10% of our total Co2 emissions come from the resources and energy needed to keep producing new clothing. The current model for fashion is unjust and unsustainable. It needs to change.

To combat fast fashion, I am challenging stereotypes of beauty by finding the allure in what we may usually deem repulsive.  By capturing still images of decaying raspberries as they grow, I have developed imagery to create timeless and handcrafted textile pieces to be cherished. Like fast fashion, this raspberry has gone out of date. Once beautiful and desirable it no longer has value or purpose and is thrown away. Instead, I’ve captured real beauty in this decaying fruit and created from it something to be appreciated and treasured. From this I want to show that fashion should have no expiry date, and it’s only our perception and society that makes fashion disposable.

I have created a series of mixed media textile designs made from fair trade and organic materials to sit within a sustainable wardrobe. Resembling growth from my visual imagery, they can be layered and styled in numerous ways. By reinvigorating what is considered outdated I aim to encourage change in the fashion industry to make clothing more timeless.

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