Modernising MAN

Lucy Hayes

Modernising MAN

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A tactile collection of hand-woven fabrics that combines traditional structures such as corduroy with innovative 3D aspects to give an updated edge. Merino wool presents a luxurious feel with the addition of technical yarns adding a sense of practicality. Dark tones combined with accents of bright colours make the fabrics suitable for AW 21/22 in the menswear market.

The core inspiration behind this collection was gathered from the contents of a shed and how the items were stored. This allowed for a wide breadth of research to be obtained due to the range of shapes, textures and scales found.

Modernising man will sit in the high end market of menswear.The target consumers will not be of a specific age but of specific interests. The awareness of the materials used will be extremely high for these consumers and the topic of sustainability will be at the forefront of their purchases so synthetic yarns were kept to a minimum unless bringing a practical element such as reflective yarns. Investment pieces are of key importance but also with a degree of up to date style.

The final collection consists of tactile samples including ombre corduroy and 3D wadded elements suitable for patch detailing on menswear specifically jackets and trousers. Optical illusion jacquards are featured in the collection and these hold a slightly more commercial feel and are suitable for full garments as well as patch detailing. Reversible cloth is a big part of the collection and the use of patches allows these to be completely removed or swapped around which links in the importance of seasonal versatility and sustainably attributes.

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