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Lucy McCombe

Keeping it community

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Keeping it community - My project is placed at the heart of community spaces. By identifying key shapes and structures I build interactive elements into my work using techniques and materials that replicate my research. I design for health, wellbeing and community and base my work around social interaction, both for the public and small specific groups.

This project is based around play parks, somewhere I always remembered when thinking about childhood memories. I used the traditional macrame technique to mimic durability of the rope structures. Tactility is also an element of design I have included in this process. By using mixed multi media and unconventional material choices it allows me to create statement samples that are exciting and enjoyable to touch and interactive. I've worked with bright colours and chunky beads in order to keep it as fun as possible. My design methods for this project have been learning a new technique and adapting a traditional knotting form into a contemporary sensory piece of work.

By creating one main piece and two accessories to this collection it allows for multiple audiences to interact at one time.

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