Outside Otherworld

Lyndsey Taylor

Outside Otherworld

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This project focuses on the post industrial landscape in Scotland. Through time quarries have transcribed into a workable formation, revealing the hidden layers under the landscape which would otherwise not be exposed if left untouched.

Heavy industry supplied aggregate and materials to create cities and towns, building houses and creating roads. These quarries are mostly left abandoned, time has moved forward, allowing nature to regrow and create a landscape showing the land mass carved by heavy machinery. Walking through this landscape a feeling of trickery is felt, as shapes of mountains and cliff faces are not what nature would create, rather humans input of carving from the land.

The otherworldly landscapes created by abandoned quarries create dream like alternative universes. Quarries are like walking through a dreamscape uncertain shapes and imposing in structure, invoking a dazed impacted landscape.

My drawing explored land created from the remains of time, dust, sand plants and animals all forming into sediment layers. Pattern and shape within the rock formations allow a visual map of colours to create a timeline showing the different stages of layers. Lava explosions, movements, flows, fissures and collisions created a dream vision which influenced my design work. I have created a collection of outdoor utility wear inspired by the otherworldly Scottish landscape for men and women. Intended to be used for the imaginary explorer who likes to dream.

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