A Developing Manchester

Matilda Wheatley

A Developing Manchester

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As I am in my final year at uni at Manchester School of Art, I wanted to focus my last project on the city that I loved and where I spent a beloved 3 years of my life studying Textiles. I hoped it would be a fitting end to such a great few years here.

In this project, I wanted to explore how the industrial, historic side of the city, could be combined and intertwined with the modern, contemporary aspects to it. I looked at industrial machines from the Museum of Science and Industry, as well as modern towers such as the Beetham Tower, the new deansgate towers and other and architecture as my inspirations for my drawing and design work. From this, I picked out certain elements from machinery and architecture and combined them to create motifs and design to influence my design creations.

My designs are primarily for an Interior context, focusing on hotel/hospitality environments for my work. The aim of this project was to create a cohesive collection, which I hope could be used for many surface designs/textile contexts within a hotel interior, including wall designs, headboards bedding and cushions for example.

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