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There are over 1 billion people world-wide who suffer from ADHD, 50 percent of which also suffer from anxiety. I myself suffer from ADHD and autism and I feel that the items made to help people with ADHD, Autism and anxiety are both unwelcoming and not very comforting, with most being made from plastic and metal. The materials do not feel friendly and lack tactility.

Through knitted and constructed textiles, I have explored ways to make a more tactile item to help stimulate and/or relax the user. I have taken my visual research from brutalist architecture inspired by the range of textures and repetitive characteristics. From this visual source I have explored subtle colour through dying yarns and have experimented with different textures and structures within knit to help stimulate touch. I have also trapped and embedded beads and small objects within the knitted structures creating a range of weights and prompting different types of interaction from the user.

I propose these textiles as large scarf or blanket which will provide comfort and positive interaction for people with ADHD, Autism or anxiety. I believe the concept has a broader appeal and could be utilised by anyone looking for a beautiful, tactile textile piece.

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