Dystopian Couture

Nina-Mae Bartron

Dystopian Couture

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My FMP was based on a fantasy and inspired by my dissertation, which was about the impacts that fast fashion has on the environment. I wanted to take what I had learnt whilst researching and writing my dissertation and transform that into something creative and unique.

I was inspired by dystopian films such as the 2018 science fiction psychological horror film, Annihilation directed by Alex Garland, predominantly the scenes where it shows nature taking over abandoned buildings and mutating to their surroundings. I was also inspired by the photo shoot of Bjork by Tim Walker, and the fairy-like set design she was poised in.

As I was going for an Avant garde approach, I wanted to make sure that the materials I was using were good quality and represented my theme, Dystopian Couture. I used velvets, silks, satins, organza and heavy weighted velvet, which worked harmoniously. I had the idea that in a Dystopian future, the seasons would be out of balance and non-existent, so I decided to create a season-less, Avant garde collection. I think the materials play nicely with that, as they are a mix of light soft fabrics and thicker, more structured fabrics.

I have gone for two colour palettes within my work, one is darker, sinister, and dystopian. The other, light, airy, and utopian. The two balance together cohesively, like the balance of nature.

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