Pattern Interrupt

Orla McConaghy

Pattern Interrupt

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A recent study stated that 2/3 of British women are bored of their daily routines. Everyday repetitions; the commute to work, lunchtime conversations with colleagues or even a daily gym session are comforting forms of routine. However, consistent daily repetition can become less interesting, even mundane. Introducing interruption to daily routine can be refreshing and energising and even small changes to daily routine can help a person to explore and expand the limitations of their personal comfort zone. The act of routine disruption has been evidenced to help promote creative expression, by reinforcing a varied perspective.

In the Summer of 2019, I travelled to Hong Kong and was fascinated by the repetition within the architectural landscape. I returned to Dundee and began to integrate them with Dundee’s version of urban repetition. Combination of these sources I began to disrupt visual sequences, keeping in mind how daily routine can be disrupted for beneficial, psychological results. I have applied conventional knitting techniques with unusual disrupted knitting patterns – thus, reinforcing the normative with disruptive change.

It is unusual times that we live in with COVID-19, which has reinforced both positive and negative disruption in our lives. My resultant unisex knitwear collection is positioned at the high-end high-street market – Burberry, Jigsaw, Saint Laurent – and available for those who seek to achieve a sense of controlled disruption, when external disruption is unavoidable.

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