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Inspired by WGSN’s trend ‘Considered Comfort AW20/21’, Komorebi seeks to provide healthy spaces that create the feeling of comfort and calmness within our home environment. Komorebi is a Japanese word that translates ‘the sunlight filtering between the trees’ which serves as a metaphor for the collection.

Komorebi takes visual inspiration from intriguing stems and foliage found in Kew Gardens and showcases the likes of Noble Dendrobium, Palm Lily’s, Brazilian Plume and Traveller’s Palm.

Through the use of natural greenery and tropical motifs, Komorebi creates a sophisticated take on the tropical trend that induces a restorative and calm ambience complimented by natural linens, silk and cotton. The combination of leafy greens with burgundy hues offers an elegant and ethereal haven of tranquillity with simplistic yet maximalist prints and careful details.

Consisting of two wallpapers and four fabrics, Komorebi offers a wide variety of prints from trailing stems, textural compositions and bold placements that evoke soft tactility within the home.

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