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Rachel Wilkinson

Personal Symbolism

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My concept is around personal symbolism and the exploration of self through creative practices. I have combined the practices and interests that make me who I am. These include nature, music and yoga. I have linked these elements to my design work to create 5 interiors based collections.

Sunflowers Collection - This collection symbolises loyalty and happiness, represented by the Sunflower.  Playing with the juxtaposition of the natural form and strong digitally produced geometric shapes.

Sometimes Collection - Music is the source of inspiration for this collection. The marks and fluidity of this range of designs mirror the flow of the music and evokes the same sense of joy as listening to a favourite song.

Peony Bloom Collection - Peonies only bloom for a short period of time every year, they’re fragility making them all the more beautiful. In this collection I have attempted to encapsulate that beauty to be enjoyed at home all year round.  The tonal hues create an easy to live with and calming aesthetic, whilst the traditional layouts remain timeless.

Vintage Garden Collection - Drawing upon my love of nostalgia and the designs of the 40’s and 50’s the Vintage Garden Collection is quintessentially British. With a countryside feel to bring that sense of nature and wellness into an interior setting.

Namaste Collection - The namaste collection draws upon the practice of yoga and its benefits to produce a collection that is both visually exciting but  calming and restful. Organic hand rendered drawings were used to create an aesthetic that does not feel overworked or forced and gives these geometrics a natural flow rather than being harsh and exact, to replicate the natural flow of a yoga practice.

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